Thank You, Purple

Toy Car

After several days of refusing to wear anything that isn’t purple, it’s become increasingly apparent that Savannah has discovered her first favorite color. This morning, after declining one green hair bow after another, I finally pulled out a purple one and stuck it in her hair. Satisfied, she smiled, kicked her feet in honest delight […]

The Loudest Person Is Usually Wrong


Sometimes silence is mistaken for stupidity, indifference, disrespect, or worst of all, cowardice. If a small group of people is sitting around talking, the one who says the least is generally the one who gets the least amount of attention. Maybe this is exactly what the quiet party wants, to go unnoticed and unbothered. After […]

Spell Well


Maybe the Sweet Corn Festival isn’t the best place to look for good spellers. Maybe I should’ve just been content with the corndogs and lemonade. Maybe I should’ve kept my gaze on the sidewalks and off of the signs. Or maybe I had every right to look up. And maybe, when I did look up, […]


Back To School

August is upon us and school will start shortly. Parents will breathe a long-awaited sigh of relief, students will become reacquainted with the snooze button, and teachers will trudge reluctantly into their classroom, gradebook and red pen (inevitable, ominous foreshadowing of what’s to come) in hand, mourning the long-gone months of freedom and cursing the […]

Pity Party

Happily Ever After

I have spent the last six weeks hovered over a toilet. Pregnancy has not been good to me – it never has been – and these long-anticipated days of summer have been tainted by nausea, discomfort, and a lack of all things alcoholic. Geoff’s working long hours doing construction, Savannah’s teething, and I’m lucky if […]