Getting Closer


Twenty weeks down. Four more to viability. First, this: We are so, so, so thankful to have made it this far. Every precious kick, I am overcome with gratitude. Every encouraging call or text from one of you, I am overcome with gratitude. Every hopeful appointment with the incredible UI staff, I am overcome with […]

Grace & Gratitude

Sixteen weeks down. Eight more to viability. Another ultrasound, another sigh of relief. Through the gift of social media, I’ve been able to get in contact with a few other mono-mono moms who all agree that this is a four-stage journey – viability at 24 weeks, delivery at 32, NICU graduation, and first birthday – […]

An Update

Fourteen weeks down. Ten more to viability. Yesterday we had our first appointment with the University of Iowa. I slept very little the night before (and have now relatedly finished the entire first season of Downton Abbey – five stars from this exhausted viewer), and had prepared myself for the worst by the time we […]

1 in 60,000.

Dear world, We found out we were pregnant on Christmas Eve. I took the test in the morning while the rest of the house was asleep and watched in a rare moment of silence as the stick came to life with two pink lines. A few days later I started spotting, followed by cramping and […]

Christmas List (!)


Confession time. One of my favorite pre-Christmas rituals is stalking every blog known to mankind in search of the ultimate gift guide. The time I waste peeking into other people’s virtual shopping bags from mid-November until December 25th is downright embarrassing but I CANNOT STOP. It’s a compulsive addiction, which is why I’m about to […]