There’s been a silence around here lately – a muffled echo of chirping crickets. It’s been on my mind, this echo, although you’d never know it by looking. I think of it often, in the curtailed moments between tasks (maintaining – a spirit-crushing formality, no?). To say the emptiness doesn’t sadden me would be a […]

Come, Sit

Open Door

I’m a sucker for good quotes, and a few days ago I ran across this one: “Anxiety happens when you think you have to figure everything out.” Jesus, I thought, that is so freaking true. I love overestimating the value of my plans, fooling myself into believing the right thought or perfect intention will alter […]

“I have a question.”

SJ Coloring

It’s Molly’s new favorite phrase, followed by the usual onslaught of inquiries: “Can I have a drink? Where’s Ellie? Why’s Nana crying?” It’s annoyingly cute, the way she scrunches her face and demands an answer, oblivious to bigger concerns. School starts tomorrow and in ten days Savannah will be a preschooler. A meticulously stocked princess backpack […]

Wiggle, Wiggle, Gone

Loose Tooth

It started like this: Savannah: “Mom, my tooth feels funny.” Me (checking tooth): “Oh, honey that’s because it’s loose!” (internally freaking out, externally motioning for Geoff to Google it, Google it, GOOGLE IT!) Savannah: “Oh no! Is it going to fall out?” Me (trying to remain calm as Geoff scrambles to uncover whether we have a […]

Weekend Links #9

Weekend Links

Hey guys, remember these? Yeah, me neither. I’m feeling a little rusty in the weekend link department but we’re going to forge ahead like it hasn’t been two months since my last click happy post since I know you’re all dying for an update on my latest internet wanderings. Humor me. Please. 1 // While […]