Documenting June: A(nother) List

Ozark View

In the twenty-minute process of staring at my computer screen trying to decide what to blog about I’ve concluded that contentment provides little fodder for over-thinking writers like myself, which makes me seriously question the intent of past posts. Were they sincere reflections or all just prettified complaints – rose-covered dirt heaps delivered straight to […]

Checking In


Less writing, more doing. Sometimes you just have to go where the seasons take you. So far, this one has yet to disappoint. 1 // watermelon and bare toes 2 // lashes for days    

Midwest Ocean


When the vinyl seats squeak under the weight of your wet feet. When the towels smell like a mid-July cocktail of sunscreen and bug spray. When the speakers pulse with Rascal Flatts and Jimmy Buffet and long-awaited playlists. When the cold shocks your back end as you hang off the boat to pee. When the […]


Keep Exploring

I’ve been mentally refining a metaphor-in-progress for days now, sifting for diamonds in the sand, and as I stand in the shower, hot water washing away the excess, my word hunt gives way to larger pursuits. Visions of a master’s degree in creative writing and hard-sought national publication light up my brain like fireworks in […]

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


a sty a cold sore a sore hamstring a zit the size of Trump’s ego a shitty, shitty attitude Such concludes the list of ailments that greeted me, fangs bearing, upon waking this morning. I am the hottest of messes today – one stupid comment away from trekking my throbbing limbs into the forest and […]