Spell Well


Maybe the Sweet Corn Festival isn’t the best place to look for good spellers. Maybe I should’ve just been content with the corndogs and lemonade. Maybe I should’ve kept my gaze on the sidewalks and off of the signs. Or maybe I had every right to look up. And maybe, when I did look up, […]


Dad of the Year

This morning I busted out the plethora of hair bows stashed away in Savannah’s sock drawer. Most of them have never been worn, a combination of my indifference towards all things girly and SJ’s refusal to have anything other than her spaghetti-coated hands touch her head. They’re cute though, don’t get me wrong, and although […]

Have You Ever?


Have You Ever? (also called Never Ever) is a humorously revealing game that generally results in obscene confessions and debilitating hangovers. It involves admitting embarrassing secrets in a room full of equally guilty comrades, and it’s fun. Lots of fun. More importantly, it’s educational. One learns more about their friends from a productive game of […]